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Hell With It [Aug. 6th, 2009|12:12 am]
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I'm not even going to try to pretend that LJ is a place I post at anymore. You can find me at Facebook and on Twitter, if you want to know about what's going on with me, or on the IIBA Community Network if you want to know about my professional life.

Ironically I actually do have something to post about here, now. That is GURPS 4e.

I was looking it over recently and came to the odd realization that it doesn't suck. Now, understand that I hated GURPS 3e as only a wounded fanboy can hate--which is to say that I had played the game so much that the serious balance issues it has in character creation had come to dominate the game experience for me. In particular, it was obvious how to game the system to create an excessively effective character on 100 points and so all characters ended up looking alike. On top of that, the modern combat rules had some serious quirks that made every gunfight seem exactly the same in any near future setting.

However, I'd been told that they had fixed those issues in 4e and it appears to be true. The boosting of cost for DX and IQ, elimination of half-point skills, and some other changes make me feel like the game could actually be playable again. They didn't go as far in that direction as I would have liked, to be sure--I think the skill list could still use trimming--but it looks like it could actually be playable for the kinds of things I would want to do with it.

I must be mellowing in my old age or something.


[User Picture]From: notthebuddha
2009-08-07 06:46 am (UTC)


What was the problem with half-points in skills? I know it meant you could buy twice as many skills, but there were a lot of skills to buy.
[User Picture]From: rentagurkha
2009-08-07 07:18 pm (UTC)


Because it helped encourage a character creation strategy of boosting IQ/DX as high as possible, buying eidetic memory, and dumping a half point into 50-odd skills. When every character has so many skills that they need to use an extra page to track them the skill system isn't doing anything useful (and every character in our group's games did exactly that).